Most Reliable Handgun Of All Time

When the Austrian military announced in 1982 that Glock had been awarded the contract to provide its new advanced field pistol, the news rocked the shooting world and the firearms industry. Glock was known as a producer of field knives, bayonets and entrenching tools, along with a few other military products like machine gun belts. But the company had never produced a firearm of any sort.

What was behind the Austrians’ choice of Glock over well-known and highly respected makers? After all, the firms competing on the bid included legends such as H & K, Sig-Sauer, Beretta, Steyr and FN.

The clincher for the Austrian government was the reliability phase of the trials. The requirements called for no more than 20 malfunctions over the first 10,000 rounds fired.

glock 17
Glock 17

The testers were astounded with the operation of the Glock. It finished the first round of the trials with zero malfunctions. The second phase of the trials involved firing a load that produced twice the designed chamber pressures after the weapon had fired 15,000 rounds, then inspecting the weapon for wear and damage. The Glock finished the trials with a reliability rating of 100 percent. This is the origin of the company’s marketing slogan “Glock Perfection”.

Since that time, Glock has proven criticism of its “plastic gun” to be unfounded, and in fact today nearly every maker has a model featuring space age polymers and similar ergonomic design to the Glock. Considered to be the most reliable handgun and with reliability as the main watchword, over 65 percent of law enforcement agencies in the United States are equipped with Glock pistols. During its testing, the Scottsdale Police Department in Arizona fired 5000 rounds with zero malfunctions.

glock 21
Glock 21

The majority of law enforcement agencies are using the Glock 17 in 9mm, but there are many using the Glock 21 in .45 ACP and the Glock 20 in 10mm Auto. Besides the reliability factor, these agencies often cite the fact that there is no need to unlock a standard safety to fire the weapon. Because of its internal safeties and the trigger safety, all that is needed in an emergency is to draw the handgun and fire it. This saves precious time when seconds count and eliminates one more potential mistake.

There are numerous reasons to consider a Glock, and reliability is only the beginning. The price range for a proven leader cannot be faulted. The polymer construction has proven in fact to be nearly indestructible in actual practice by militaries worldwide. The U.S. Army has shown the gun to fire after being run over by vehicles, buried in dirt and mud and even after mine explosions and bullet strikes. The metal parts use a proprietary process to produce some of the hardest parts available in any firearm, and therefore wear extremely well.

The Glock’s geometry has proven accuracy advantages. This and the lower felt recoil are results of ergonomic design and the low placement of the bore axis. The Glock has the lowest bore axis in relation to the shooter’s hand of any handgun. The result is a highly controllable weapon when it comes to reducing muzzle rise. The polymer used in its construction absorbs recoil and deadens the shock felt by the hand.

For anyone who is looking for a first pistol, a backup, or who needs the most reliable handgun and considering operation over any other requirement, the Glock should be a serious consideration. However, if you need more handgun information or a handgun chart then checkout this.