Types Of Pistols

To the novice gun collector or the beginner, it might come as a surprise that there are twenty-one different types of pistols: semi-automatic pistol, air pistol, machine pistol, Heckler & Kock P11, welrod, COP 357 Derringer, the regular Derringer, duelling pistol, Ruger Hawkeye, limp wristing, Harpers Ferry model 1805, Remington Rider single shot pistol, machine pistol, … Read moreTypes Of Pistols

Best 9mm Handgun Reviewed

The overwhelming preference in the current handgun market is for weapons in the 9mm caliber. The reasons for this include high velocity, compact size and high magazine capacity. This is a direct outgrowth of the adoption of the 9mm for duty weapons by militaries and law enforcement worldwide. Because of the huge market and large … Read moreBest 9mm Handgun Reviewed

Best Tactical Home Defense Handguns That May Save Your Life

When it comes to choosing the best handgun for home defense, a variety of factors should be considered. While price is an obvious consideration, the skill level of the shooter, the size and strength of the shooter, and ease of use during a potentially life-threatening invasion are also important aspects that play into a handgun … Read moreBest Tactical Home Defense Handguns That May Save Your Life

Best Handgun For Women

The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported in September of 2019 that the fastest-growing demographic among new shooters is young, urban women. This is really no surprise, given recent statistics for violent crime among some of the nation’s troubled cities like Chicago and Detroit. But does a woman really need a gun to ensure her personal security? What … Read moreBest Handgun For Women